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  • Is it possible to deactivate ‘Send Status’ in Timesheet when ‘Single Entry Mode’ is disabled?

    If user does use it, update is sent to status manager who can approve. However, he can’t apply to his project line since it is a timesheet line approval. OK, that’s fine for some companies. I like the possibility, since it gives us a lot more opportunities for defining approval workflows.

    However, I can think of situations that user submit the line from Timesheet (by mistake for example) instead of Tasks and thinks everything to be fine.

    I expected disabling ‘Task Status Manager Approval’ would disable that feature. But user can still send Timesheet lines for approval. The only change is, that no one needs to approve. It is neither listed on status manager’s Approval Center nor on timesheet manager’s. That’s even worse, since there is no impact and user still thinks that he sent update to project/status manager.

    The possibility to deactivate the ‘Send Status’ could save (me) some training effort, if possible.

    Monday, March 29, 2010 11:43 AM


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