Group chat only works properly if SQL is running on one specific node RRS feed

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    I have three VMs in Hyper-V - all with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise installed.  Two act as cluster nodes for msdtc and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise.  The other acts as an iSCSI software target for the shared storage and also the group chat server itself.

    I know that the having the iSCSI software target and the GC server on one box is not ideal for resilience but I'm using what I have for now before migrating onto a proper infrastructure once it has been installed.

    The cluster is configured as Node and Disk Majority and looks ok in the cluster management utility.

    I can switch the mstdc and sql server services to either node and get all the green ticks.

    If I run both services on node 1 then group chat works all of the time.  If I move the msdtc service to node 2 then group chat seems to work ok.  However, yesterday, I moved the SQL service to node 2 and although I could connect to Group Chat, a couple of other users couldn't.  Today, with that configuration, I also had Server Busy and domain not available warnings until I switched SQL back to the first node.

    I've not seen anything obvious in the event logs.

    At this stage I don't know for sure if it is the cluster, the database or the group chat server that is causing this issue.

    Anyone have any idea as to why this could be happening ?


    Friday, September 25, 2009 11:18 AM