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  • A number of times when using Outlook 2003 my computer suddenly freezes.


    After pushing the power button to switch off and restart does no good, so switching off at the mains and then switching the mains back on it starts without pressing the power button but doesn’t get anywhere.


    However after leaving it off all night (switched off at the mains) when I switch it on again about 18 hours later it starts up normally but the bios is different.


    Does an email which has slipped passed the virus detection (Live OneCare) cause the computer to freeze by sending something which controls the bios, is it a failure by OneCare, an Outlook 2003 bug, or is it coincidental such as could be linked with the battery in the motherboard?


    It does seem unusual for it to suddenly stop working and has never happened outside of Outlook 2003.

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008 7:03 AM