A few thoughts on Passwords and the WHS Console RRS feed

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  • As it stands now I have two options with the WHS console when adding a user to WHS;

    1.) Give them the Admin Password for WHS so they can have access to there backups and the like.

        Not at all a good Idea since the Admin password for the OS is the same as the console password, and that this give users on my network way too much access to WHS using both the Console and RDP session (as well as at the WHS terminal itself if one has a monitor and keyboard handy).


    2.) Not let that user have any access to there own back ups.

         I think in some cases this is a good idea especially with users that are not on their own computer.


    In my opinion neither of these options is really that great. So I prupose the following.

    1.) Make the console password separate from the Admin password.

    2.) Have Consoles based on the user account. So instead of only putting in the main Console password, the user puts in their user name and password and based on their account type (Admin, Power User, User) what they have access to varies.

         For example: I am the admin and I should have complete access to all the features of the WHS console (Including all back ups and options). Then my Wife I want to have power user status where let us say, she can access her OWN back up files and install add ins for WHS. Then my kids would be users and hence need no access to the console and if they tried to log into the console using their usernames and passwords they would be denied. But then if I wanted to access the console on their user account to restore a file or install an add in I could.


    Am I the only one that thinks that only having access to the console or not is a way too limited?
    Monday, July 9, 2007 3:16 AM