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  • Test: adding a hdd for backing up the server itself, "lack of usercomfort"

    (PP1 German edition)


    If you plugin a new harddisk which has no partitions on it, a requester is telling you that have to create a partition first by hand. A restart is suggested after generating the needed partition .


    Well I don't have any problems with that, but WHS is supposed to be designed for "none-techies" … therefore a request:


    If the harddrive has no partitions on it (and that's a normal situation if you buy a brand new drive) WHS should be smart enough to create the partition without useractivity and restart.


    If you add a drive for increasing the WHS volume there is a complete automatism for setting up the drive. Why not add this comfort for a drive which will be used for backing up the server.


    If a user needs to create it manualy this must be done via RDP and computeradministration (don't no the exact title I am working with the german version) and this a controversial  behaviour against the propgated simpleness.




    edit: filed 352541


    Saturday, June 21, 2008 10:50 AM