IFrame causes page fields to be "locked / inoperable"? RRS feed

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    I have a simple objective that's not so simple apparently. We hav e an existing calendar in SP. We simply wanted to be able to see said calendar from CRM. Because the desired requirements are read only and I am going from CRM 2013 to SP 2007 I chose to use an iframe.

    So I created a new form with two tabs.

    Tab 1 has the IFrame.

    Tab 2 has one field XYZ_name.

    There is nothing else going on...just loading the form causes my xyz_name field to become "locked". I can see it but I can't edit it, access through XRM.Page.getAttribute  etc.If I remove the iframe tab the xyz_name field is fully functional???

    The F12 console shows NO Errors. Changing the IFrame to google instead of SP site doesn't make a difference either??

    I turned off cross frame scripting restriction even though I think it has nothing to do with this issue--made no difference??

    So I understand that the IFrame isn't the #1 choice but it should work for something this basic no??

    Do I have to wrap the web frame in a html web resource??


    Friday, March 14, 2014 5:42 PM