MPI Cluster Debugger - problems launching RRS feed

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  • In Visual studio 2010 SP1Rel while running the MPI Cluster Debugger using the default settings in the project configuration (1 processor on local host)

    the black command prompt window opens and displays...

    MPISHIM: The target process exitted with code -1073741515

    The batch file cannot be found

    press any key to continue

    The output pane in the debugger contains

    Run pre-debug script...

    The project name is D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\Test_MPI.vcxproj.

    Deploying program files to "D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\x64\Debug".

    Copy following files and directories...

    Deployment of program files succeeded.

    Deploying mpishim.bat to "D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\x64\Debug"..

    Deployment of mpishim.bat succeeded.

    Copy following files and directories...




    Cleaning up deployed files, directories and shares.

    Deleting file D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\x64\Debug\mpishim.bat.

    Deleting file D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\x64\Debug\ntorre\Test_MPI\Test_MPI.exe.

    Deleting file D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\x64\Debug\ntorre\Test_MPI\Test_MPI.pdb.

    Deleting file D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\x64\Debug\ntorre\Test_MPI\mpishim.bat.

    Deleting directory D:\nicolo\TestMPI\Test_MPI\x64\Debug\ntorre\Test_MPI.

    Run post-debug script...

    Note that the PATH variable contains the location of mpiexec


    1. code is c++. it runs ok out of debugger when launched by hand, e.g. mpiexec -n xxx test_mpi.exe. here we launch from ....\Test_MPI\x64\debug

    2. the return code displayed is not coming from the application

    3. tinkering with debugger properties does not seem to help

    4. there is a breakpoint in the first line of the code but we do not reach it

    5. running with multiple processes (e.g. localhost/2) duplicates the first line of the error message about target processes

    6. visual studio is being run as administrator

    7. registry has been editted to set DisableUNCCheck to 1 for the command window

    8. code was built as 64 bit debug version

    This feels like a configuration problem but the error returns are cryptic. has anyone figured this one out before?

    Monday, October 15, 2012 10:45 PM