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  • Let me explain the problem here...

    Assume you have 2 products in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

    Product A - CAD 50.00

    Product B - CAD 100.00


    and 2 Price Lists - one in CAD and one in USD

    Price List X (in CAD Currency)

    Price List Y (in US Dollar Currency)


    My company is a canadian based company and does business with Canadian companies only. However, once in a while they get business from US customers as well. We need to bill these customers in USD and also have fixed labour rates in USD.


    CRM does not seem to allow me to Add Product A or Product B (which are in CAD ) to PriceList Y (USD currency) and set the pricing method as Percent Markuop or Percent Margin. It expects me to create copies of Product A dn Product Y in USD and then set them up in Price List Y. 


    I want CRM to automatically calculate the Price of X and Y in USD based on the exchange rate stored in CRM.  


    Is this possible somehow?


    Multicurrency is supposed to mean that you should not have to maintain a fixed rate for your products in various currencies. CRM is supposed to manage Price using the the exchange rates, however CRM is not doing it.


    Bottomline, CRM doesnot allow adding products with different currencies (different than the price list currencies) to a Price List and then set the Pricing Method as Percent Markup or Percent Margin. It allows only Currency Amount as the pricing method of you add a product with a different currency to the Proce List (which means we are hard-coding the Price and not getting the Price based on the exchange rate)


    I think this is a bug in CRM. It should not check for the currency of the product when it is added to the Price List and a Percent type pricing method is set. It should handle the Pricing across multi-currencies based on the exchange rate.


    Can someone please suggest any alternatives/solution to this problem?

    Any input is appreciated...




    Sunday, October 26, 2008 5:08 PM