I am getting this message everytime I open one of my Microsoft progrmas.This copy of Office is not genuine RRS feed

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     I have recently been experiencing problem with my Microsoft programs when opeing them. I am getting a pop up stating that this copy of Microsoft Office is not genuine, however I purchased my Dell laptop directly from Dell in 2008 with the program already installed. I don't understand why I am all of a sudden receiving this pop up. What can I do. The problem is asking me to uninstall? What should I do. I have copied below what the solution say when I click on it.

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    Microsoft Office Standard 2007

    Problem: The product key used to install Office has been identified by Microsoft as a key that was issued to a large, corporate customer. This key is reserved for the exclusive use of this customer, and cannot be used to install other copies of Microsoft Office.

    Solution: If your computer belongs to a large organization and you believe you are receiving this message in error, talk to your system administrator.

    If your computer does not belong to a large organization, you may be a victim of software counterfeiting. In that case, your best options to acquire genuine Microsoft Office are outlined on this Office Genuine Advantage web page. You can also contact the business where you purchased Office, purchased your computer with Office pre-installed, or had your computer serviced. Ask for their help to ensure that the copy of Office you purchased or received with the purchase of a new computer is genuine.

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  • Hello LinZ22T,

      When you buy a copy of Office to be included in a computer sold by Dell, they provide the Reinstall CD and Product Key in the documentation that came with the PC.

       When a User has a Genuine copy of Office (or Windows) but the copy currently installed on the computer is showing as Non-Genuine, it is often caused by having the PC worked on my a Repair shop.  In the process of repairing the PC, the Repair person may have needed to uninstall Office but when they reinstalled, they didn't contact the customer to get the Proper Product Key but instead downloaded it of the internet. It could be that the repair person was lazy or just didn't know any better.

      Another common scenario is that a friend (or a family member) decided to upgrade your Office to a higher version "for free" by downloading it off the internet. Usually the person that did it didn't know they were doing anything wrong.

      Either way, the resolution to the problem is to uninstall the Office using the Non-Genuine product Key and reinstall using the Product Key that Dell gave you. 


    Hope that helps,

    Darin MS
    Wednesday, April 14, 2010 8:38 PM