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    Not entirely sure if this is a Windows Mobile issue or a Windows Live issue. Let me show you...

    I have my Windows Live email set to notify me of new emails via SMS. So my SMS inbox looks like this when I get a bunch (from forums like this one notifying me of a new reply):
    http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h95/salty_dawg3/screen shots/smsbox.jpg

    When I open the message, it looks like this:
    http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h95/salty_dawg3/screen shots/opensms.jpg

    On previous phones (using other SMS apps) the subject in my inbox would be more descriptive. Rather than having some weird number at the start of it, it would just say "Topic Reply Notification- Forums: Add Your Suggestions Here" or something like that. So I could look at my inbox and the subject line was not just a bunch of gibberish.

    In the past I was using the Palm threaded SMS client, on WM 5 Pro, on my previous carrier, and that is how it worked. I switched to this device running wm 6.1, on this carrier, and it shows me what you can see in the pics above. I don't know if Windows Live made a change at that same time, if it's a device issue (both are HTC so I doubt it) or if it's a carrier issue. All I know is it would be a lot better if when I looked at my inbox it made sense. And this gibberish is also what it shows in the pop up notification when I get an SMS. It used to actually make sense in that too.

    Please change the way the subject reads on those Alerts so that it actually makes sense.
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