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  • Everything is working fine....just wanted to know if someone else has this router and could basically walk me through setting up this new router for max performance.  I replaced an old Belkin G model.


    Also, does anyone know why some lights on the router are green and others are orange?  I called Trendnet and the tech didn't know, but finally said the green is for 1gbs connection and the orange means the connection is 100mbs.  I know this is wrong because WHS is connected at 1gbs as is this computer.  There is nothing in the documentation about this as far as I can find.


    I also upgraded my NIC card in my WHS to an Intel 1GBs model.  I am trying to squeeze the last bit of performance out of my home network. 


    For reference:

    Wired computer (this main machine/LAN)


    Spare computer (LAN)


    Wifes desktop(WLAN)



    -Still having a few issues setting up a good webpage with Whiist (probably because I don't understand how to use Frontpage very well)

    -Storage balancing almost always

    -Event viewer always has an error (daily) about Microsoft Document Image Writer not having a driver or something (I'm sure this is not a big deal)

    -Sometimes (about once or twice a week) Connector loses it's connection and I notice WHS has no HDD activity (the little light is not flashing red) so I end up rebooting the server manually (what I call a hard reboot...not good) a few times.  It appears my PIII motherboard requires a keyboard, mouse and monitor to boot because I have to hook them up in order to get it to boot up.

    -Even though others have told me here that there is nothing wrong, when/if I (rarely) boot WHS with the mouse, keyboard and monitor, the screen goes black right after logging on.  I can still use Remote desktop, but basically I'm saying I can never work connected directly to WHS becasue I cannot see anything.  Guess I'm the only one in the world with this problem....


    Finally, I have Symantic Endpoint Protection (offered free to military at a .mil address that I downloaded at work and then uploaded to WHS...very cool and easy) but have not installed it.  It's about 500 or so MB total and after reading all the installation guides, I basically said this is way over my head.  Has anyone had any experience with Endpoint and WHS?


    Thanks all.


    Friday, February 1, 2008 1:47 AM

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  • I know I'm replying VERY late here, but just because the router and the NIC are running at 1gb does not mean that the ethernet cable you're using is . . . try either cat5e or cat6.
    Friday, October 30, 2009 5:13 AM
  • I have this router and it works very well. I have done no tweaking of the setting other then running the setup wizard when I first connected it to the network. For the lights color the green lights indicate 100MB LAN and Orange is 1000MB LAN. Transfer speed depends on a lot of things. Files size and type, chip set on the NIC card and the drivers for them all have a big impact on speeds as does the CAT cable as mentioned. So make sure you have the latest and greats drivers for all of the NIC cards on the LAN and good quality cabling. For the drivers I would go to the chip set manufacture and get the drivers from them and not the card vendor, they seem to be more robust.
    For reference my LAN chip set are Realtek 811C in my desktop and Marvell Yukon 88E8053 in the WHS. My file transfer speeds vary widely. For large DVD rips in VOB format I hit at 75+MB/s all the time. Music file in MP3 format are in the 50MB/s range and Photos in the JPEG format are in the 25MB/s range. My NIC cables are all hand built using CAT6 cable and over 20 feet in length. How much the long length has to do with it I really don't know but a friend who worked for a network company running cabling said it matters and made my cables accordingly.
    Last you might want to give this a read and see if it doesn't help a bit.
    Friday, November 6, 2009 7:58 AM