Incredibly slow transfer speeds RRS feed

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  • greetings,

    I am having a terrible time with WHS. I just got the software 2 months ago

    My network:
    Cable internet to the house. I have a linksys wcg200 cable gateway (wireless router + cable modem in one) with wireless disabled. from this device there is a cat-6 cable running to a netgear pro 8port UNMANAGED switch.

    from the switch several cat 6 cables connect to the home's wiring (all cat 5-e)  the computers connect via additional cat 6 cables at various outlets in the home. at one of the outlets, a linksys wap54g wireless access point is connected.

    it is installed on an older box that i had:

    2gb ram
    asus A8n32sli board
    amd 4400+  processor

    I have 3 pc all running windows 7 ( 2 are professional and 1 is home premium).
    One 7 Pro PC is rarely used and is attached to a TV it will be mainly used to pull stuff off the server. It is hardwired to the network.
    The other 7 pro is also hardwired. i get transfer speeds topping out at 8 Mb/s.

    All PC are less than a year old with much better than average hardware - at least 4gb memory,intel  i7 processor, gigabit ethernet.

    The laptop (home premium) has a gigabit card and gets only 2 Mb/s. this connects to the WAP54g mentioned above.

    Things I have done:

    http://lounge.windowssecrets.com/index.php?showtopic=778928&st=0&p=863681&hl=slow%20connections&fromsearch=1&#entry863681    mentions two command line orders which i performed. i also turned off ipv6 as mentioned.

    on the server there is a brand new intel gigabit ct ethernet card, updated firmware.

    i bought brand new cat 6 cables. cat 5 e cables in the wall are not changeable.

    internet speeds are blazing fast at all locations.

    any suggestions?



    Saturday, October 23, 2010 5:33 PM