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    I haven't seen anything yet on this subject and really would like some feedback ASAP!  I have had Live Onecare for almost a year and had a great experience with it so far, minus the difficulty in understanding the Downloading after purchase under free-trial, anyway!  I and a lot of others play America Army which uses a Program called Punkbuster "PB" to help stop players from "hacking" cheating in the games.  This program was created by Evenbalance, www.evenbalance.com Now the issue is, after they put out a new patch, I started to have a conflict with live onecare durning game play, called corrupt packet flow, which leads to game crashing.  Now I have spent two days, now into my third and I found some more questions.  After, making sure that firewalls and virus programs where allowing PB to work I noticed once I uninstalled Live onecare that the issues stopped.  I read that on the AA forums page and someone tried it and they too were successful.  Now I haven't spent this time just so I could rant, but trying to find out why the conflict.  I think I have everything set up correctly but I have no choice but to continue making a decision between the two.  Is it possible for one of your engineers/programmers to look into PB and try and figure why we continue to get corrupted packet flow errors while Live onecare is installed, was working fine for the past 10 months.  Oh, and please don't waist anytime asking me about updated drivers, and defrag bs ***, I have been up and down that road and if you could just give my a long check list of ideas to try, that would be more worth my investment of time.  Your program is good but that doesn't keep me from sticking with it if this problem doesn't get fixed.  AA isn't going anywhere and there are millions of people around the world that have been playing it for over 5 to 6 years.  WOW, imagine if you only got a small percentage of them to commit at $50.00 a pop.  In this day and age we are all aware of the times and the impact that could  make.  Don't get me wrong, I'm only one person, but it is just frustrating knowing that all the programers that each company has, they don't focus a little time at what is being used or played, they forget keeping the masses happy.  Thanks and I hope this helps someone else.
    Saturday, November 29, 2008 4:33 PM


  • Hello KWK-Sigs, I have no personal experience with AA but in reading through the PunkBuster FAQs I would try excluding PnkBstrA.exe, PnkBstrB.exe and PnkBstrK.sys from the One Care scanning targets ( One Care>Change Settings>Viruses and Spyware> Exclusions>Add ). I would also uncheck "Look for virus like behavior" while playing AA.

    This may or may not work so if it does not help I suggest contacting support. How to reach support - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2

    Saturday, November 29, 2008 4:52 PM