CRM 2016: 2 Entities (Account and Client ID) Need a Client Id field to automatically update the "account" table with this "client Id" info RRS feed

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  • With my question keep in mind, I have no idea of what i'm doing, I don't know how to do javascripts, write code or anything.  But I do have admin rights in our small CRM application..  So if you take the time to respond you may have to provide some steps I would need to follow.

    When I enter a NEW Record into the "Client Id" Entity I select the Existing Account name and the fill in the Client Id with what I want that to be and save... What I want to happen is when I save the new Client Id Entity Record that in the "Account Entity" Account record automatically gets updated by populating the "Client Id" field I added.

    I watched the videos' on the mapping but for what ever reason I can't get things to work, and that is probably due to my lack of experience/knowledge of this stuff.   

    I have an Existing Entity:   Account
    I created a New Entity:      Client Id

    The Client Id Entity only has 2 fields "Account Name" (lookup to Account entity) and "Client Id" (single text field)
    * this is so i can create a 3-8 char Unique Client Identifier for an Account instead of using account name when it comes to other things we do.

    In Account Entity I had created a "Client Id" field with Lookup to the "Client Id Entity"

    (I had even created the Account-Client Id field as a Single text field since mapping says has to be same field types)

    I cannot get the data entered on the "Client ID Entity" to autofill the client id field I placed on the Account entity.

    What am I doing wrong.

    I tried the mapping with the text to text field from client id and account table but did not work.

    Friday, March 31, 2017 6:02 PM

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  • Hi again Robin!  :)

    This problem can be solved with a workflow that executes on your 'Client ID' entity when the record is created, or when the Client ID field is updated. (Reference my other forum post on how to create a workflow process).

    What you do in the workflow itself is a step to 'Update Record', and select the related Account lookup from the list. Then when you click properties you will see a mockup of your account form.  Find your client ID field on that form and click in it.  On the right side you will see dynamic fields from the client ID entity.  Pick your client id field from that list and it will put the dynamic value in the update form.

    Save the form and process, activate and test it.  

    Friday, March 31, 2017 8:02 PM