I installed Windows Live Once Care, and other software, and my firewall apears to be disabled and cannot be enabled RRS feed

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    After installing several open source software packages on my computer and Windows Live One Care the firewall appears to be disabled. The settings cannot be changed. The firewall settings windows apears shadowed in and is inactive. The Firewall seting radio button is indicating that the firewall is disabled.


    This happened on a previous installation of Windows XP, I reformated the hard drive and reinstalled XP, and now after restarting my computer, the same thing happened. Due to the loss of use of the firewall and my ability to change the settings, I believe that the settings were changed and frozen by spyware in some kind of trojan application.


    The registry entries used to designate some features of the firewall are not present.


    Please tell me how I can repair this problem. I previously made a backup fo the registry before the file was disabled. I tried to reinstall the original registry to correct the problem, but regedit would not allow me to do so. I tried to roll back the computer to an earlier time using System Restore, and that did not work either (I also suffered the loss of settings on several applications that I cannot afford to loose).


    [[ I have installed and removed several open source applications including seamonkey, firefox, sunbird, Notepad++, Programers Notepad, and ubuntu is also localy isntalled in Windows as an option in the boot loader. There are several other little known applications that I already removed designed to read *.mab data files.]]



    Due to the fact that this has happened several times on several installations  I believe that it could be either something related to the One Care install or one fo the open source application I rely on.


    Please help.


    Saturday, December 6, 2008 7:16 AM


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