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  • I know WHS wasn't built with this in mind, but after doing some reading, I really like some of the functionality of TS RemoteApp.  I turned me newer, pretty powerful PC (AMD quad-core) into the home server, mainly because it already had a 6-port SATA controller built in.  Now I'm left with a 2001 1.6GHz single-core machine running XP as my everyday desktop.  Its stripped down and runs great; but I'd still like to be able to off-load some resource-hungry processes to the server (if possible) -- a semi-thin-client, if you will.

    Long story short, since RemoteApp is not an option to me, does anyone have any suggestions?  I've been reading up a lot on X Window Server (Xming, etc).  XDMCP to a remote host looks like it would do what I want.  And if I was running a Linux server this would be a great option.  Does anyone know of a way to set this up?  Or is there an alternative Windows-Server to Windows-Client that would mimic a server hosted application with display/controls redirected to a client computer?

    Or am I just dreaming?


    PS- I read a suggestion somewhere to run a Remote Desktop instance with a default application loaded upon sign in.  This would work too, but I don't want to open an Administrator access every time I want to run Program-ABC on the client.  It would work, but like nails on a chalkboard, I cringe at the thought of opening an Admin account to the server for trivial tasks.

    Sunday, January 23, 2011 3:08 AM

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