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  • I was adding another user account, when OneCare noted I hadn't protected my wireless internet yet and asked if I would like it to do it. I knew I still needed to do that so I said yes. It gave me the option to connect other computers manually or use a thumb drive to load data and take it from computer to computer. I chose the thumb drive, because that's how I did it in the past (I just moved and was resetting up my system). It's worked fine for all my computers except my new MacBook. It won't work because the OneCare files are for a PC!

    So I went in to the Advanced Tab on the firewall. I'm supposed to be able to click details on the wireless networks it's showing and get the WEP key. It won't give me the option to click "details" - that button is grey and unclickable!

    Help! How do I get my WEP key so I can use my wireless on my Mac. It's recognizing the OneCare as an option - I just have no WEP Key to sign in!

    Monday, August 17, 2009 1:11 PM


  • You can only see the details on the PC from which OneCare set the security. If that was done from another Windows UserID, you probably need to log into the PC with that Login ID to see this information in OneCare on that PC.

    If you don't have that PC any longer, you might need to start over. Reset your router following the instructions from the router manufacturer (typically involves depressing a red button on the router for 8 or more seconds). Then follow the router manufacturer instructions for how to set up the wireless security on it or use OneCare to do this. Manually edit the information on all PCs if you choose to set it up manually, or use the USB key method and get the details on the PC where you initiate the OneCare process from and manually set up the MacBook WiFi settings.
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    Monday, August 17, 2009 1:36 PM