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    Hi guys,


    We have OCS 2007 deployed in house.  At the minute we mainly use it for Communicator, but we've recently deployed Live Meeting for training / development purposes.  We're having a few problems locking the system down to do exactly what we need though and I was wondering if you could help.


    Firstly, the users connect via their headsets / speakers to listen to audio in the meeting, but all users have some form of mic in their systems, be it on their headsets or built into their mics.  This creates a problem as they can unmute themselves at will, and even though the presenter can mute everyone again it is not the ideal situation for us, we would like to remove the feature altogether and have the audio solely coming from the presenter.


    Another feature we would like to disable is the attendee from being able to broadcast video.  Each of our users has a webcam for video calling through Communicator.  The problem is that they can also enable video when joining one of our training meetings.  With an average of 50 people joining each meeting you can imagine the chaos it causes with feedback etc.


    I can see the benefit of having more interactive meetings through the use of voice and video, but for us the best solution is to disable voice and video from the attendee's side and simply have them use the Q&A panel to ask any questions.


    Before we implemented OCS 2007 here, we ran our live meetings through an external company that hosted them for us.  They used internet audio broadcasting to stream the audio meaning the presenter would call a number on a regular phone and the audio for the meeting would be streamed out from there.  Would it be viable to have a similar system here, and what would be involved?  Which would be the simplest way to lock down the system to our requirements?


    Thanks for any help!

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 4:58 PM

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