crm 2011 chart datadescription (fetchxml) RRS feed

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  • hi , i have created a custom chart in crm 2011. by using fetchxml i can fetch the record for the chart correctly without a parameter as filter to restrict the output. however i need to add a parameter to filter the unneccessary data for displaying a correct chart.

    the parameter will be a field in other entity

    for example an custom entity A contain a field week which is a integer field from 0 to 52. an custom entity B contains a field week too. i would the chart of entity A able to fetch the record depend on the week of entity B. (since entity B only contains 1 record , i can fetch the required week of entity B, but i am asking if the week can be used as the filter parameter for chart of the entity A)

    since it is in the chart representation , i dont think it can use any external way (for example javascript) to store the parameter

    in sql string it is something like

    declare @baba int

    select @a2 = max(mtl_weekpassed) from table1

    select b from table2 where table2.a = @a2


    Monday, July 25, 2011 9:11 AM