Crash occurs due to Microsoft.VisualStudio.Project.VisualC.VCProjectEngine.dll in Visual Studio 2015 IDE RRS feed

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        I am getting (An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumenException' occurred in mscorlib.dll) exception at CurConfig.DebugSettings  code as mentioned below sample code in VS2015 IDE. But it is working fine in VS2010 IDE.Its only failing in VS2015 IDE alone. I don't have idea what will be the difference between both VS2010 and VS2015 IDE. Kindly suggest me what will be the solution for the below mentioned exception.

    void func()


      VCProjEng = newMicrosoft.VisualStudio.Project.VisualC.VCProjectEngine.VCProjectEngineShim();

      VCProjectNewProject = VCProjEng.LoadProject(@"C:\Program Files\Eagle Test  Systems\Applications\MSTvs2015Sample\MSTvs2015Sample.vcxproj") asVCProject;

      // iterate through all of the configurations

      IVCCollectionConfigCollection = NewProject.Configurations asIVCCollection;

      foreach(VCConfigurationCurConfig inConfigCollection)


       // set the debug path

       VCDebugSettingsDebugSettings = CurConfig.DebugSettings asVCDebugSettings;              





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