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  • Already filed a "suggestion" under WHS Connect Feedback, but wanted to bring this up in the forums as well.

    On an average day, I work on no less than 8 computers (6 at work and 2 at home).  Remote file sharing comes in very handy for this reason.  Having the ability to Remote Desktop my home computer is also a very helpful feature within WHS.  HOWEVER, these are NOT the most helpful remote access feature in MY situation.  The most helpful feature to me is NOT available (at least to my knowledge and research).

    My wife (and soon, my children) need quite a bit of help while I am away from home, especially since I lock my internal network down tight and use the latest software.  For example, with Windows Vista Ultimate running Internet Explorer 7, anti-malware, anti-virus, desktop firewall, and now WHSC, my wife tends to get confused on a daily basis (and rightly so).  She often runs into prompts she doesn't understand or isn't sure how to answer.  She runs into websites which aren't yet setup for IE7.  She is also still learning how to use computers in general, much less how to use Vista.

    Why do I tell you this?  Because she needs my help remotely with what she is "actively" working on, in her running session.  This completely eliminates Remote Desktop.  It means I have to use one of the many products on the market to remote into her actual session AND get it all to work through my extremely locked down network.  But, why should I do this when Remote Assistance is already built into the OS.  Why doesn't WHS take advantage of that technology like it takes advantage of Remote Desktop?

    And, it doesn't take much polling to find out many of my friends and collegues are in the same boat!  It would be great for me to log into WHS remotely and get a Remote Assistance option with my list of computers.

    Just a suggestion...  :)

    Saturday, March 24, 2007 2:02 AM