In CRM2011 when creating or updating Contact.ModifiedOn is not getting set RRS feed

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  • For some reason the ModifiedOn field is not getting set when I insert(create) or update the Contact entity record. If I try to set it VS complains that it's a read only field. Which if any of these options are feasible and how do I go about implementing one of them.

    • Is there a place to set some option or flag so the CRM system sets this field with the date the record was created or modified?
    • Is there a way to override the read only setting for this field when I update or create a contact?
    • Is there some other field in the contact record I can use to coordinate synchronization of modified records in CRM with an external database (in my case a MySQL DB)?
    • Is there a way to add a field to the CRM contact record for this purpose

    I'm using the sdk for CRM 2011 for the C# sync app.

    Developer Frog Haven Enterprises

    Friday, February 3, 2017 5:08 PM

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