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  • I need to write a cmd.exe file  to move data to stagging table. The trigger will only happen if there is any change in data source file. There  are 20 files  as data source in .txt format. As  I am not aware of  the command language, I was wondering if  anyone can help me with the syntax. I believe  I need following information to write the  syntax


    1 – Name & location  of the source file


    2 – Condition  that will move data to staging table. The condition is if any data in data source file changes, it should move date to staging table  For example – I am keeping the fine name is File1.txt, File2. Txt…..File 20. Txt

    File1.txt  “if  any change in data, move to XYZ”

    File2.txt   “if  any change in data, move to XYZ”   




    File20.txt   “if  any change in data, trigger package XYZ”


    3 – Name & location  of the staging table


    Kindly help me with the syntax . Let me know if you need any additional information. An early reply will be appreciated.   



    Monday, January 9, 2012 5:51 PM