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  • Hi everyone, 

    does anyone found a script for crm2016-turboforms-activated to switch the form based on an optionset-field?

    For older crm-versions this was possible with a form reload:

    1. Load the form
    2. get the value of an optionsetfield of the loaded record
    3. and check (with js) if the loaded form is the right one (saved in optionset-field) 
    4. if not - reload the correct from
    5. if yes - everything is fine and no reload is needed.

    I dont think its a good way to reload the form - better is, to preload the value of the optionsetfield (before form is loaded) and then just load the right form (which is saved in the os-field), without reloading the form ... 
    but msft still dont likes this idea of optionset-based-form-loading ...
    so i would be happy if the script with reloading the form works with turbo forms.

    forms in contact

    1. customer (customers of our customer)
    2. contact person (of supplier (account))
    3. insurance broker (our customer)

    Everyone need very different form-fields and pre-load-forms, subgrids etc.

    So we created a new optionset-field in contact-entity: new_contacttype with the values

    1 - customer
    2 - contact person
    3 - insurance broker

    We named the forma exactely like the os-values und by js checked, after loaded the record, which type of contact the record is (with the value of the field new_contacttype) and if the loaded form was not the right one, reloaded the needed form.

    thx, Greetings

    Tuesday, June 21, 2016 9:31 AM


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