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    Hey all,

    I am experimenting with the new microsoft CRM 4 workflow features and currently working on a project where i had to use the parallel wait branch feature. however, when i publish the workflow and trigger the workflow (on record assign) the workflow reaches the parallel wait branch step and gives and error ( the red x near the workflow steps).

    what i'm trying to accomplish is that i want to wait until the owner of the case changes or timeout reaches one minute. both steps i have tried numerous times independently so i know they work, however when in a parallel branch step they dont work, the workflow waits until the timeout reaches one minute (the wait condition isnt fulfilled first) and then gives an error). I cant seem to attach a screenshot here, but i can send by mail. Any help is much appreciated

    Sunday, February 24, 2008 6:32 PM


  • A one minute timeout is somewhat short.  If this is running on create or update, the workflow doesn't kick in until the record is saved (that is when the record is created), so the only time the other branch would fire is if someone changed the owner within 60 seconds after saving the records. 


    You said that it throws an error after the timer reaches one minute--what are you having it do after that minute is up?  Seems that would be where the problem would be since that is where the error is happening.


    If you are still having trouble with this you can upload a picture to flickr or photobucket or microsoft sky drive and post a link to it here.  IF you did get it resolved, let us know what you did to resolve it.


    Monday, August 4, 2008 12:01 AM