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  • Is anyone aware wether some form of support program has been developed to work through the numerous challenges of moving to Quicken given MS discontinuing Money?  

    I've recently imported a Money 2007 file into Quicken, have a slew of issues, yet all Quicken support says is "it's different software so will not convert the data consistently".

    Example issues include:

    1. Transactions categorized in MS Money show up in Quicken, but with no categorization detail
    2. Manual check detals (payee, memo) show up in Money correctly, but only a check number shows up in Quicken
    3. Payee aliases not transferred (i.e. in Money we have a payee called "QFC" yet in Quicken it calls it "Quality Food Centers xxxx" - where xxxx = the name of the store location
    4. Items showing as reconciled/balanced in MS Money show up as neither reconciled nor balanced in Quicken.

    Thanks in advance for any redirection to an appropriate support source or for your thoughts on a remedy

    Monday, January 3, 2011 9:02 PM

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    When you converted, their converter made a log of issues. You might consider going thru that, and change items that you can readily fix, and then re-convert. In Money, the FindAndReplace may be useful to make some changes. You could also rename payees or categories to something shorter.

    Also see for threads on the Quicken forum that mention Microsoft Money. Then consider refining the search.

    After looking thru the prior discussions ther, I suggest you register then, and ask your questions. While I tried conversion, I don't remember noticing the kind of problems that you did. However I may have just not noticed.

    There is also a classic usenet group that still has traffic on it. Various servers carry it including the free NNTP server.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011 3:20 AM