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  • Hi all,

    We're running CRM 4.0 internally and externally (external access via Internet). Internally (e.g. from our office, http://crm AND http://crm.acme.com) it works (using IE only), but here's what happens externally (i.e. outside our network from anywhere):

    1. Go to http://crm.acme.com (for example)
    2. (SOMETIMES) Windows/browser login box appears
    3. (SOMETIMES) Enter login details
    4. Page redirects to default login page (i.e. signin.aspx)
    5. Enter login details
    6. Page does NOT redirect, only refreshes and clears login details (login details ARE correct, because if you purposely enter incorrect details you will see a red error message)

    Now, externally, after point (6) on my iPhone or iPad (running Safari) if we add 'loader.aspx' to the URL and hit 'go' we are taken to loader.aspx and we are logged in - great! However, CRM does not work [properly/at all] with Safari, but at least it loads the loader.aspx page and data etc. If we try externally from IE (8/9), it tries to load loader.aspx but simply gives an error message 'This page can't be displayed' (I understand IE10/11 are not compatible with CRM 4.0 in any case).

    Essentially then, except in about one instance (someone's Windows 7 PC running IE9) we've found, CRM 4.0 does not work for us over the Internet using IE, which is the only browser it seems to actually work with anyway.

    Thanks for any support.

    P.s. as a related issue, why does/might CRM not redirect to loader.aspx after a successful login?

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  • Hi,

    When reading through this, I did not see that you explicitly said that you were using IFD.  I also ask because you say that the Windows/browser login box appears when you try to log in externally.  I am assuming that this is the windows pop up credential box and not the forms base authentication page within the browser.

    If so, you will need to configure IFD.  This is the only supported method to access CRM from outside the domain (unless you use VPN in which case you are virtually inside the domain).  If your external users are getting a Windows credential pop up box, then you have exposed CRM to a security risk and potential data theft.

    Once you have properly configured IFD (which is a separate download for CRM 4.0 by the way), you should be able to log into CRM externally correctly.

    Also, off the top of my head, I don't think Safari is supported as a browser for CRM 4.0.  You need to stay with IE.  And I wouldn't go higher than IE9.  So Safari is not a good test here.

    Jason Peterson

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014 1:09 PM