MS Money Deluxe added more transactions than were in the original MS Money 2002 file (solved) RRS feed

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  • Okay, I bought a Windows 8 PC, so needed to move my MS Money 2002 off the Vista machine.  I downloaded the MS Money Deluxe Sunset version onto my Windows 8 machine, and then after copying the "My Money" file to the new computer, launched MS Money Deluxe and imported all 26,000 transactions. 

    All my accounts balanced, except my bank account.  I wondered if some of the transactions did not import, so I created an identical "Account Transaction" report in MS Money 2002 and MS Money Deluxe for that account ONLY (all categories, all dates) and exported each report to Excel.  I then created a "Table" for each of the reports, deleted all the blank rows, and headers and total rows, and ended up with only the transactions.  I then concatenated the entire transaction in each table to get a unique entry and did a vlookup on the concatenated field in each table to determine a match. 

    Interestingly, all the transactions that were in the original MS Money 2002 file are in the table for the MS Money Deluxe file, but there were 14 EXTRA transactions in the MS Money Deluxe file that don't exist in the original file.  They are for car loan payments on a vehicle that was sold last year, and the total of those 14 payments was exactly the amount the bank balance was out by.  The car loan payments had been automatic, and I am wondering if it re-invoked the automatic monthly payment option and filled in all the missing payments, which appear to have stopped exactly when the car would have been paid off.  incidentally, the automatic payment was removed from "Bills and Deposits" months ago. 

    I deleted the transactions from MS Money Deluxe and now my bank account balances, but am curious if anyone else has had this problem, or at the very least, to give people a heads up to look for those things if they don't balance.  My bank account had over 8000 transactions, so it's not like I was going to search every single one.

    BTW, this is supposed to be an interim step to import the file into Quicken 2014, but I am not impressed with that product at all, and would love to keep using MS Money, but don't want to end up in this situation in a few more years, and not be able to have all my historical data available to me.  I imported the data to Quicken, and have a few balance issue there, but there is at least a log file of what happened during the import, so I can go back and make changes.  I wish MS would bring back Money. 

    Friday, February 28, 2014 4:47 PM