2 PCs that sync, one that does not RRS feed

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    I love the concept of Live Mesh and I love the reality when it works, but the biggest gripe I have with it as you just cannot get a feel for what is happening when it does not work. It’s a black box with no windows to the inside. Here’s an example:


    I have just setup Live Mesh on 3 PCs. I have a folder called Documents and it is mapped to My Documents on each of the three. At first this did absolutely nothing, each PC said it was synchronising with documents, but no files changed hands (I think some files went to the Live Desktop, but that was never our focus).


    After a lot of fiddling around (uninstall, reinstalling, switch sycns on and off), suddenly two of the laptops started to sync and continue to do so. I cannot tell you what was different from when it did not work, as far as I can tell the answer is nothing, they just mysteriously started to work.


    The third PC just sits there, it says it synchronised with Documents, but quiet clearly is not. We can add and remove files on the other PCs or the live desktop and this is never reflected on the third PC.


    Here’s the thing you need to add if want fewer support calls and bigger take up:


    A view of the sync queue. If I add a folder with a 1,000 files to live mesh they are not suddenly going to be available on the other machines pointing to that folder. Somewhere, under the covers, there is a queue. Show it to us. Show us what files are waiting and if the one on the top of the list is not moving tell us why, no Internet connect, target machine not reachable, whatever. Just tell us so we can work on it.


    I as said, I love the idea of Live Mesh, but have been hugely frustrated that every time I try to use it things seem to go wrong and I am running totally blind. It just sits there refusing to work and refusing to say why it is not working.


    So, back to this particular instance of it refusing to work: The only difference between the two PCs is that the first two are running XP and third one is running Vista, but I doubt that is the problem, as the two XP machines also refused to talk to one another at first. I know there is a difference between the My Document/My Pictures etc structure on XP and Vista, but we can live with that, we are not using pictures, music etc. We just need it to sync the documents.


    What do I need to do to stop Live Mesh ignoring me?








    Saturday, July 11, 2009 10:18 AM