windows library for _chkstk_ms() function


  • Hi All,

    I have one windows project built in VS 2015 in windows7. Now I have to use one third party library built in Mingw 64 bit (for windows). When I try to link this library I am getting one compilation error :--

    Unresolved external symbol __chkstk_ms.

    Now I can resolve this issue if I also use 2 more libs - libgcc.a and libssp.a. But after I have started getting memory exception in some routines. My guess is that I should not solve this compilation error by using these 2 libraries. Instead of it, there should be some windows library which should be providing implementation of this library.

    Can someone please suggest right way to resolve this linking error.


    Thursday, August 2, 2018 7:52 AM

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  • Was Mingw developed by Microsoft or do they provide Mingw? I think not so you will get the best answers in a forum with the purpose of helping with Mingw, not a MSDN forum. Actually, the answer likely exists already.

    Sam Hobbs

    Thursday, August 2, 2018 4:41 PM