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    I recently switched my desktop (about 3.5 years old with a 1.8 GHz AMD Athlon 64 and 512 MB of RAM) from the latest version of Ubuntu Linux back to XP Home.  I connect to a WEP-encrypted wireless network using a D-Link USB Wifi Adapter, so I have to download Service Pack 2 and the drivers necessary to use the hardware.  I'm having a problem, though: when I take my computer across the house to connect it to the DSL modem via ethernet, my connection is extremely sluggish, with download speeds of about 5 KB/sec maximum, versus my usual of at least 90 KB/sec.


    Due to the slowness, when I tried downloading SP2 over the ethernet, the download would cease after less than five minutes, giving me an error code usually attributed to intereference from antivirus programs - none of which I have installed yet.  So, I decided to install the drivers to connect my PC to the modem via USB, and hooked it up.  Guess what?  I have the exact same problem, only it must be running at a slightly faster speed, because the download of SP2 actually continues, although it's running so slowly that the status bar hadn't budged after about 25 minutes.


    Now, back when I still had Linux installed, I set up a small partition with XP, which was running until I reformatted my whole hard drive about a week ago.  That installation didn't have these problems, as I hooked it up to the modem via ethernet when bugs in the latest version of Ubuntu had temporarily made that OS unbootable.  So, does anyone know how I can fix this problem so that I can have a functional system again?

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5:17 AM

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