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  • I guess the best way to do this is try mapping this out on the 2011 streets and trips.

    Start at exit 84 on I-35 north south of Minneapolis MN. or anywhere below there in the north bound lane.  Now put in 110 Woodbury Dr., 55129, it is just west of St. Paul. With the "Route Options" with Interstate bar all the way to the right and every other to the left. Click "Get Directios". What mine did at first was route up 35W to 94 then east on 94. ?? So then I put in a waypoint on 35E. It mapped it up 35E to the waypoint then back south to 35W north. OK, then I put waypoints at exits 90, 92, 93, on the north side, it did finally go north but the it exited at exit 94 onto Diffley road went east then north on State route 31 back to 35E. OK so right after exit 94 and in the middle of exit 94 and where it came back I zero'ed in and tried to put a way point on the north bound side. It would NOT let me do it. as soon as I let go it went to the south bound lane. I tried moving the waypoint way south of the north lane and it still went to the south bound lane. It is almost like it doesn't know that part of the road is there, between exit 94 north to exit 97. I have had streets and trip every year for at least 5 years and I have never had this happen before, at least not on an Interstate that has been there for 25 years. If anyone can explain this, please let me know. Not a problem really, just bothers me what is going on.

    Sunday, January 15, 2012 1:05 AM

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  • I can replicate your experiences with similar results. 

    For some reason, the Navteq road data base does not seem to have the northbound lanes of 35E from Diffley Road to Pilot Knob Road, although it did in the S&T 2010 version.  This should be reported to Navteq.

    Sunday, January 15, 2012 4:07 AM