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  • I have two ongoing errors on my WHS2011 server which mostly are just annoying me.  I have both disabled so I only see them when I look at the list but it would be sort of nice to get rid of them all together.  So I am looking for suggestions on how to track the root problem down.

    The first one says "The server is not connected to the internet.  To access Web sites, you must ensure that the server is connected to the Internet".  Now I know the auto updates work, I can access my server website remotly, and IE works fine on the server.  So I am not sure what part of the Internet it wants to connect to or why that it thinks it can't.

    The second one just started about a two weeks ago "Computer Monitoring Error" / "Can only partially assess the health of this computer".  When I click on the learn more option it just tells me about setting up e-mail which works fine, I got the alert that there was a computer error.  I have tried looking in the event logs but did not see anything.  Any idea where to find more details?

    John J. Hughes II
    Friday, November 4, 2011 12:50 PM

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  • Hi,

    I also have these 2 errors. In addition, I have one saying the server has restarted unexpectedly. And it didn't, because since that message I keep an eye on the server and it sits beside me. I guess it is a bug, because they mostly happens when the server is doing its backup jobs at noon and 11pm. Backups are successful, both on the server and client machines and I have 5 clients connected to it. If the server would really be restarted while doing backup jobs, backups would fail I guess. I think we can ignore theses error messages. But, the problem is it gets an unreliable server, with these false alerts. When there will be a real problem and get alerted we will still ignore the problem. Hope a fix is coming soon from Microsoft.

    That adds up with many users having issues connecting their client to the server for the first time. Windows Home Server 2011 has a lot of nice features to offer but in my opinion and looking at all issues arising from other users and myself, it looks to me as an unfinished product.


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    Friday, November 4, 2011 1:23 PM