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  • Just installed WHS 2011 to replace WHS V1. V1 was working well with a fixed Public IP, XXX.homeserver.com domain on a Netgear FVS 338 Prosafe VPN Firewall Router. No big problems with V1. I used the old hardware except for new HDs. No problems with the install, except as regards the Remote Web Access feature.

    Seting up the Remote Web Access is where things fell apart in an odd way. The Netgear is not UPNP, but its already been setup manually. I ran the Router setup up and WHS insists it is not working. Its OK I figure; its just a WHS "thing". On to the domain setup. I enter my domain name, Windows Live user/pass. It returns: "The domain name is not registered under your logged in username. Please type the username & password that was used to register the domain name" Other than the Windows Live method, was there another way to obtain a domain name??? I thought the domain was obtained within WHS V1, but I don't recall. I have no notes that indicate a special username/password combo besides Windows Live. Is there a way to even inquire about this?? WHS is mute on the issue. OK strike 2

    So after all the encouraging support from these automated setup features I figured my Remote Web Access is TOAST and has NO CHANCE of working. But no...it works! I can access inside my net thanks to loop back as well as remotely despite all the nay saying from the automated features in WHS 2011. Sure would be great to have a manual way to set up the parameters for RWAccess instead this automated stuff. Is there a way to bypass these darn "wizards"??? Is there some means to straighten out this domain name nonsense?

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011 4:11 AM

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  • This may sound silly, but there are issues relating to exactly what extra characters such as "$" are supported in passwords.  I got rid of special characters and was then end of similar problems....
    Wednesday, June 8, 2011 5:02 PM
  • No non ascii characters are in the Windows Live password. Log into the server did have an "@". However there does not seem to be any info or ability to change things in the Windows Live account, so its unclear how or even if such information can be changed. I created a new XXX.homeserver domain and a new password to go with it, so it still works, but its frustrating how little control we have of the whole matter.
    Wednesday, June 8, 2011 6:09 PM
  • I agree, but I removed an "@" from my password and things seemed happier.....  BTW, looks like you max size of password is 16 characters (another lost factoid in the Windows World).  
    Thursday, June 9, 2011 12:06 PM