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  • Why is it that there hasn't been an update to the backwards compatibility list of games since november 2007? I seem to recall a while back microsoft claiming they had fully updated, but in that case I'd like to know why half the original xbox games I own such as mechassault, oddworld strangers wrath, and advent rising aren't playable. I'd also like to know why nearly all of the games that even are playable have major problems from "ghost images" and lag in halo 2, to game crashes in fable the lost chapters. when I pay for games on a system that is supposed to have backwards compatibility I'd greatly operetta them actually working. I am understanding towards the fact that updates aren't easily done since it isn't built in with the system (although sony didn't seem to have much of a problem doing that with there play station 3) but I would like to see games at least being added. when the last time games were even added was nearly 2 years ago I seriously question if Microsoft even tries to make customers happy. and at this rate people will stop buying there systems. when you're making something that crashes and breaks so much with the now nearly a member of my family ring of fire you'd hope the system would at least have the saving grace of playing older games.
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  • Hello BitFever,

    You mistakenly posted your inquiry about XBox games in the WGA forum.  No one that is in a postion to address or act upon your inquiry is going to see it if it is mis-posted.

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