backed up the server and erased the correspondend drive, leftovers in "computers & backup" RRS feed

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  • Test: backed up the server and erased the correspondend drive, leftovers in "computers & backup"

    (PP1 german edition)


    Ok, what did I do to get this topic started?

    Added a drive for the backing up the server pool

    Backed up several shares (up to 80GB)

    Deleted the files from the shares and recoverred from the special drive, everything work very good. thanky ou WHS-team Smile


    Next step is to delete this serverbackupdrive from the pool of these special drives.

    The requester of the removal is giving you the choice via radiobuttons


    a) removing temporarily from homeserver

    b) don't use any longer for serverbackup


    Only choice b) is usable


    Request 1)


    Radiobutton a) was greyed and not active for usage.

    Why? My guess because this drive is an internal and not connected via USB or eSATA, FW??


    For disconnecting the drive, I used choice b)

    Afterwards I manualy deleted all datas and deleted the partition via RDP.


    As a leftover I see in "computers and backup" the PC-Homeserver-Entry with status green with date and time of the last backup.


    I am able to see and reach following menues for the server-entry

    c) list the backups

    d) backup.


    Of course after selecting menue c) or d) there is an error requester telling me that the serverbackupdrive ist not connected…Wink Anyway...




    I am not able to delete the server-entry from the "computers & backup". Remember, I told WHS "don't use any longer for serverbackup" so it should be clear that this drive is "vanished". In my scenario this drive was the only drive I was using.

    No other drives are in the configurations of the server-entry, thus WHS should be smart enough to "opend up" the delete requester to abandon this entry. Today at this point I don't see any chance to delete this server-entry.


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    Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:34 AM