MS-Mpi Works! but MPI.NET does not working! App showing Blank screen RRS feed

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  • A) I had set up:

    1. A Windows server 2008 r2 ( with domain (OFFICE) and a user "majid"

    2. And 2 nodes :, (all Win8 x64)  joined on domain (OFFICE) with user "majid"

    B) and also installed:

    1. "HPC Pack 2008 R2 Client Utilities Redistributable Package with Service Pack 4" (HpcClient_x64.msi) on all three machines

    2. "HPC Pack 2008 R2 MS-MPI Redistributable Package with Service Pack 4" (mpi_x64.exe) on all three machines

    3. "HPC Pack 2008 R2 SDK with Service Pack 4" (sdk_x64.msi) on my developer machine ( for building MPI enabled programs

    4. And copied pingpong.exe (c++) and pingpong_.exe (C#) on location C:\MPI\ of all machines

    C) and the way that I run pingpong.exe is:

    1. running on all machines this command via CMD or PowerShell by Admin, and after that entering password for  user "majid": (after that, smpd will pop up with blank screen, FINE!)
    runas  /user:OFFICE\majid "C:\Program Files\Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 R2\Bin\smpd.exe -d"

    2. Running on my Developer machine this command via CMD or PowerShell by Admin , and after that entering password for  user "majid": ( I want to run pingpong.exe in real cluster network)
    runas  /user:OFFICE\majid "cmd /K mpiexec -hosts 2 1 1 C:\mpi\pingpong.exe"

    3. The result is GOOD! And my ping pong working!

    *** PROBLEM:
    pinpong.exe is a program that written in c++ (I think) so there is no problem and my cluster works!
    I want to run pingpong_.exe that is written in C# with MPI.NET SDK , but after below set up it still won't work!

    I have installed:

    1. "MPI.NET Runtime.msi" on all machines!

    2. "MPI.NET SDK.msi" on my developer machine (

    3. reset the systems and ran all steps in (C) with pingpong_.exe

    but result is blank screen! (my pinpong_.exe shows nothing!) if again i repeat steps with pingpong.exe it is working!
    note: I also could run pingpong_.exe with "mpiexec -n 2 pingpong_.exe" on every machine, and it is working! that means it works with it self! but in network noooo!
    note2: I disabled firewall on all machines!
    please help me how to get pingpong_.exe (c# codded app) working in MS-MPI enabled Cluster ?
    after that I want to write my own app with C# and run it in cluster for 
    University Project!

    I couldn't simplified it more.
    Thanks for Your Attention

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