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  • A user can't access a web site. The website only works in IE so that is what he is using. I have tried getting to this website on different computers and different user profiles and they have worked. I try user profiles that worked on other machines on his machine and the website does not work, leading me to believe that the issue is with the machine.

    It has been suggested to me that my predecessor (who I can no longer get in contact with) may have created group policies on the Domain Controller to block some scripts/active X controls. So I set up a test computer with the exact same user privileges and policies applied to the user/machine that the computer in question has. However the website works on my test computer.

    I have tried resetting IE's advanced settings but still no luck. I've looked  at the software the user has installed and there would be nothing that would be causing the site not to work.


    The error message that appears on the site is: "Internet Explorer 5.5 (Windows) or Internet Explorer 5.1 (Macintosh) are the lowest versions of browsers that are supported on <site name>. Please click here to download Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

        Javascript and/or Active Scripting must be enabled to use <site name>."


    The user does have java installed and active scripting is enables in IE 8.


    So where would this question get posted to get the best response. I don't know if it is group policy and I missed something (not likely as the test computer is pretty much an exact copy of the computer in question), would it go into an Internet Explorer forum, or what? Thansk for any help.


    Monday, July 12, 2010 4:24 PM