Powershell to change sample rate CSV file from data logger RRS feed

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  • Hello. I have csv data from a datalogger that collected the info every second rather than every 15minutes and I made a script to export every 900th entry. The script works for smaller csv files (up to 80mb). But I have one file at 3.6GB, and it doesn't work.

    I looked online and found better methods to increase the speed (don't have .net, and haven't been able to get stream.reader to work).

    Here is the script:

    $file = Import-Csv z:\csv\input_file.csv -Header A,B,C,D,E,F
    $counter = 0
    ForEach ($item in $file)

    If($counter -lt 900)


    Write-Output “$item” | Out-File "z:\csv\output_file.csv" -Append



    Any ideas/optimaizations are greatly appreciated.


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  • You have .net because PowerShell  IS .Net.

    Get-Content z:\csv\input_file.csv  -ReadCount 9000|%{$_[-1]}

    Displays the last record of each block of 9000 lines.  It will be faster than Import-CSV and will run against any size file because it only loads the current 9000 lines into memory.

    You can get a stream reader like this.

    $fi = Get-Item z:\csv\input_file.csv
    $s = $fi.OpenRead()
    $streamreader = [io.streamreader]::new($s)


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