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  • The University of Calgary has completed its work on CAVEman, the world's first complete object-oriented computer model of a human body, which will be beneficial to researchers who are studying genetic diseases and physicians in need of surgical training. CAVEman is a 4D human atlas that resides in the CAVE, the cube-shaped virtual reality room that acts as a "research Holodeck." In the CAVE, the CAVEman, which is projected from three walls and the floor below, floats in space. Researchers will be able to translate medical and genomic data into 4D images, and literally get inside their experiments. And the model of the complete human is at least 10 times the resolution offered by other virtual systems, and it can be scaled to any size, and select components or the total model can be displayed at any time. "The project is a major breakthrough in medical informatics and systems biology," says Dr. Grant Gall, dean of the faculty of medicine at the university. Benedikt Hallgrimsson, associate professor of cell biology and anatomy, adds, "As the technology grows, it will be useful for diverse studies of growth and development, both for creating predictive models and also for complex visualization."
    Tuesday, May 29, 2007 12:34 PM


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