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  • Windows Mobile 6.5 has brought a big downgrade to what used to be an efficient OS, in an attempt to make it look cool. Please, bring back lost functionality.

    1. In Start menu, it is no longer possible to jump to a specific item by typing its letter. Back in WM 6.1, you pressed the Windows key followed by S and there you were at the Settings screen. WM 6.5 forces you to flick the screen until you find the desired icon - apparently some people think this looks cooler. It's a huge waste of time!

    2. For those of us who use the phone via headset most of the time (wired or Bluetooth), it was very useful when in WM 6.1 you could start a phone call and then switch to the Today screen and lock the device from there, then put it in its case/holster. That way you didn't have to worry about buttons or screen features geting activated inside the case during or after the call. Not anymore! WM 6.5 has disabled the Lock feature during a call!

    3. I'd rather drag to select than have the overrated kinetic scrolling. Please give us an option to choose which behavior we want! Thanks to WM 6.5, not only you can't drag to select text in Word, or multiple items in File Explorer or Messaging, but you can't even drag those delete confirmation messages out of the way to make sure you have highlighted the correct item for deletion.

    Please Microsoft, bring efficiency back into Windows Mobile, or just like with Vista, offer us a way to downgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1. (which I really think would be an upgrrade)
    Friday, February 5, 2010 8:14 PM


  • RobC2k6 - thank you for your detailed feedback and your specific suggestions regarding features and funtionality that you miss from 6.1. I have shared your feedback with the team. We are marking this thread as answered just for internal tracking purposes but all are welcome to continue to comment and post on this thread.
    Thank you from the Windows phone team
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    Saturday, February 27, 2010 9:03 PM