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    We have been observing the Forums site over the last couple of days since all the fixes went in and as of Feb 12th 2018, we are no longer seeing the performance issues within the specific time period of 6:30am PST - 8:30am PST as reported by users in our community.

    Should you experience any issues or performance degradation, please post your concerns under this Forum.



    Forums Users – We have received your feedback around the accessibility and performance issues during specific periods that are mostly affecting the TechNet forums site and at times the MSDN forums site as well. We have been actively looking into the issue over the past few days and we are introducing a set of fixes over the course of time to help mitigate the issue. 

    Some of these fixes require proper vetting and testing before we apply them so we understand that this may be causing inconvenience to a lot of our user community but we would like to reassure our community base that we are performing the mitigation steps within the correct guidelines of ensuring our services are not completely affected elsewere.

    Currently our ETA to fully resolve the issue is 24-48  hrs and as we make progress we will post an update on this thread.

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 8:13 PM