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    I'm a SQL Server BI solution architect that has been called in by a client to extend and manage the cubes that come stock with Dynamics AX.  In a word, they're a huge mess.  All the objects; cubes, measures, measure groups, dimensions, attributes, etc. are based on normaized daabase with abuot 2,300 tables - rather than a dimensional data schema.  Most of the dimensions are based on relational lookup tables and are not organizd into hierarchies to support drill-down paths.

    Just wondering what, if anything, might make sense about this design or the features it contains before I blow the whole thing away and start over again.

    • I'm looking for experince with these cubes, stories from the trenches about what has and hasn't worked 
    • Have you extended these cubes or started over?

    Paul Turley, MVP [Hitachi Consulting] SQLServerBIBlog.com
    Friday, August 13, 2010 8:30 AM