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  • OK, I want to set up a small business network, yes myself.  I want an idiots guide, but I am not really an idiot!  I made it through medical school so you can tell I am a glutton for punishment.  In any event.  I have had a real time difficult time with what I would have hoped would have been simple to fine. 

    1.  How do I set up the router, switch, server, workstations, NAS, home server to all work together and talk to each other

    2.  How do I set my IP address, subnet mask, DNS, AD DS, Roles, web server etc.

    3. I don't care what I name my DNS, hosts, parents, forests, servers, computers, children, subdomains, zones, etc.

    4.  I just want a step by step guide.  I want to take advantage of my server (recently purchased refurb to learn these tasks)

    5.  I am a microsoft partner and would like to take advantage of my software to learn how to develop my office management, electronic medical records, billing, scheduling software with the microsoft software and sql server.

    6.  I am tired of my web hosts going out of business and would kind of like to host my own site?  I know all of this is pretty foolish? 

    7.  I would like to set up virtual servers/machines to play with different features and figure out how to allow machines, domains, to talk to each other.


    Saturday, November 13, 2010 5:09 AM