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    Microsoft support in Taiwan is pathetic or non-existent. I wrote to them many times but there is very little service from a certain Mr. Chen at mssupport, he told me OneCare is free while it is most certainly NOT free. MY Chinese is like their service, non-existent.

    I simply want to subscribe - yes, as simple as that. I am a foreigner in Taiwan and therefore I don't qualify for a credit card. I can't use the credit card option (or PayPal) to buy online and I asked them to send me info where I could buy an English Windows Live OneCare in Taiwan. No lucking foy - Microsoft you are pathetic, you are losing customers, my next computer will be operated by Linux or I'll buy a Mac. Fortunately for you, Ive bought my latest computer (with Vista) only a few months ago so I'm only due to buy another next year some time. Meanwhile I'll saddle through Microsoft's phit (exchange s and p) until next year - and get Panda to protect my computer in the meantime. Fact is, I actually quite like OneCare.
    Saturday, November 1, 2008 7:08 AM


  • Unfortunately, it isn't a payment issue. OneCare is not available for purchase in Taiwan at this time.


    In which countries and languages is Windows Live OneCare available?

    The Windows Live OneCare subscription service is available in the following countries and languages: Australia (English), Austria (German), Belgium (Dutch, French), Brazil (Portuguese), Canada (English, French), France (French), Germany (German), Hong Kong (English), Ireland (English), India (English), Italy (Italian), Japan (Japanese), Mexico (Spanish), Netherlands (Dutch), New Zealand (English), Singapore (English), Spain (Spanish), Switzerland (French, German), United Kingdom (English), United States (English, Spanish).


    Pasted from <http://onecare.live.com/standard/en-us/faq.htm>


    Your only alternative is to purchase a retail box copy of OneCare and activate the subscription with a key. You will also need to repeat that annually for renewal until such time that OneCare is available in Taiwan. No, I don't know when that might be. Note that your Windows OS must be in a supported OS language - see the FAQ at the above link.



    Monday, November 3, 2008 7:28 PM