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  • I purchased One Care to use with a new laptop, but the laptop died before I could install the software. I temporarily loaded One Care to an old laptop until the new one was repaired. Now when I try to install One Care to the new laptop and activate One Care on this second unit, it won't activate...in fact, the instructions don't match what I'm told to do!


    I've uninstalled and re-installed this software so often I've lost count. Every time it tells me to click a button that does not appear anywhere on any screen after the install. And of all the stupid ways to program, once you've left the screen, you can't get back to it and there's no way to activate the second install!


    My patience and time on this fool software is at and end. Microsoft, either help me or give me my money back!

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008 4:20 AM


  • First of all, sorry to hear about the laptop failure.

    Now, when you install OneCare, it is always in trial mode until your subscribe/activate.

    Open OneCare, and there should be a link near the top that leads you to subscribe or activate a subscription to OneCare.

    If that link is not there, check your PC date and time. If it is a future date, the link will not appear and OneCare may report that your trial has expired.


    I do believe that the wording may be incorrect on the members page:

    Add Windows Live OneCare to another computer

    If you have an active Windows Live OneCare subscription, you can add another computer (up to three total) to your existing subscription. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Using the computer you wish to install Windows Live OneCare on, click the link below to begin installation.

      Install Windows Live OneCare

    2. When the installation is complete, open Windows Live OneCare and click the Activate button.
    3. Sign in with the same Windows Live ID you used when you first installed Windows Live OneCare and then follow the directions.

    When you do get the link (which may actually say "subscribe"), you will be prompted to sign in with a LiveID. Per number 3 above, use the same Live ID you used previously.


    If you continue to have problems, please contact support. If the other PC still has OneCare activated on it, you may want to follow the path explained in the FAQ post to get to support on that PC since the new laptop will be in trial mode and will require that you get support via email.

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008 1:29 PM