Lodging a complaint in the UK regarding Microsoft's mistake in putting a non-authentic Windows 7 Professional Upgrade license message on my PC and then extremely poor customer service in getting Microsoft's error rectified RRS feed

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  • History of dealing with error message on my lap"color:red;">09/07/12 received on line support for error message but no help from 2 different agents, one of whom disconnected me after I had typed in history, operating system (which is, Windows 7 Professional 32 bit upgrade to Windows Vista OS) product code and validation key. I had to do it all again with 2<sup>nd</sup> agent. 2nd agent extremely rude and hung up on me.

    Basically, my conclusion from 2 on line support sessions as per combined agents’ responses after checking operating system upgrade product verification key - yes, my key was an authentic one supplied through Microsoft and that the problem would be rectified as soon as I contacted technical the next day during business hours (which is itself difficult as it is a home PC and I cannot take hours off to contact Microsoft technical for a home PC issue). The 2nd agent asked if my PC serviced recently and explained that sometimes when servicing occurs these error messages can occur. But he offered Microsoft technical would sort it out for me quickly.

    As no time during the next day to call technical, passed PC to technician at PC World who always looks after my PC and is only one I trust to touch it.

    10/07/12 gave PC and all documents to technician at PC World and she spent ½ day on this Microsoft own error and mistake, getting nowhere with Microsoft customer agents or technical. She asked me to contact Microsoft tech department myself.

    15 and 16/07/12 spoke to on line support with no help again.

    16/07/12 Matthew of on line support asked me to call UK Microsoft Support 0844 800 2400, customer support team between 9 to 5 weekdays when he could not help on line. Alternatively, he said better still we were to contact Genuine Advantage Team at 1-866-530-6364.  Please note this is a USA number which I called and were told they could not help us.  I spent long distance charges for this call erroneous given to us from your UK Customer Support team. I have copies of the on-line chat between Matthew and myself and the erroneous advice and support he gave me.

    19/07/12 after much aggravation that day getting nowhere with Microsoft Support agents at 0844 number during office hours 9-6 pm as per Matthew’s other telephone number provided for support, I gave it one more shot and called customer support 0844 no. that evening just before they closed at 6pm.  My husband called first and we both spent couple of hours being transferred from Customer Support agent UK to a member of the Genuine Advantage support agent UK who asked us to file a Counterfeit Software Report and return original media DVD (Windows 7 Professional Upgrade kit 32 bit) together with invoices and download file codes and key activation code.

    I tried to explain that the DVD and download code came from Microsoft themselves in 2010 and that it could not be a counterfeit problem but he insisted to send the DVD and that all would be corrected and a new DVD sent to me with an activation code. He said do not worry sending out the DVD back to Microsoft. I filed as per his instructions the Counterfeit Software Report on 19/07/12.

    As per the Assurance agent’s direction and the end of the report note, I forwarded the completed report on Friday 20/7/12 by courier to Microsoft PID centre in Dublin 18, Ireland. The parcel contained the original DVD media 32 Bit kit upgrade (from Windows Vista to) Windows Professional, 2 separate invoices: one for purchase and payment for Windows 7 Professional upgrade 32 bit kit back-up media DVD, and another invoice for download files and the unlock activation key for my product Windows 7 Professional upgrade. The original price paid in Jan 2010, was a discounted price offered to students by Microsoft on line as part of a student promotion package and it could only be taken up by a certain date and from my student email address.

    Our couriered parcel would have reached Dublin by this Monday 23 July/12 and on the exact same day about the time they received the parcel, I got an automated message to my hotmail email in box saying our application for replacement DVD kit was declined because we failed to send: the DVD, the invoice stating that we purchased the Windows 7 Pro kit and also that the product key was not provided and lastly that the price paid was a reduced one. I don’t know what they in Ireland or Redmond, USA were thinking (or not thinking at all as it is obvious the response was a computer generated response) or for the matter writing about as all these statements in the computer generated email sent to me stating we had not enclosed were provided in the courier package. Also, as the offer was to students only, of course the purchase price was reduced. It was also at the launch of Windows 7 operating system in 2010, and after the fiasco of Windows Vista OS, I am sure Microsoft hoped and planned to promote and sell as many Windows 7 based OS as they could to make up for the problems with Vista.

    Also, as my application for a replacement DVD and kit was declined, you at Microsoft were not returning any of my original documents including my DVD media backup.  This is stated in your material after you file the counterfeit report.

    This is absurd as if I now want to proceed in a small claims court (for lost expenses, which I will do and have the time and momentum now to spend fighting a small claims Sherriff’s action in Scotland) against Microsoft; you have illegally and without cause retained all my evidence against you for breach of contract. Remember my product bought and paid for was purchased through Microsoft’s own student promotional on line store and department named ‘Ultimate Steal’ (this program for students still exists today) and the product was supplied through Microsoft’s own digital third party agent, Digital River.

    24/07/12 – Now totally confused by all what was happening, the absurdity of it at the hands of a giant like Microsoft who literally can do what they want to whomever they want and the 'little person' or consumer has no power. Most would likely not waste time and pay for a new operating system (which is where your non-authentic link goes to on my PC it opens a window to your on line store to purchase an authentic copy of Windows 7), after much discussion this morning with my husband, we concluded that the PC this was happening to, which is a Dell which came with your terrible Vista OS (that is why we purchased upgrade to Windows Pro) is now the last Microsoft Windows OS PC we ever will buy.

    But, nonetheless, I took one more chance and instead of totally giving up, I tried one more time to call Microsoft Customer Support today at the 0844 UK no and was finally given an appropriate case number and transferred to your UK technical department finally.

    Amir, the first agent I spoke to today in Customer support took notes and passed me to Technical support who was man named Erwin. Erwin in Technical helped me and corrected the error message you improperly placed on my Dell PC. Now is this is after many hours, much time, lots of aggravation and getting nowhere with your absolutely useless customer service and support network. Why even have one?  Just sell your OS and state you are on your own!  Apple gets my money next time. And that next time is this week as we are buying a new Mac and a new Ipad with most the most helpful and satisfactory service from Apple, unlike Microsoft.

    24/7/12 Technician in your tech dept, Erwin fixed the problem by remote assessing my PC and typing in new activation key to replace old invalid one. This is what my technician at PC World said would eventually happen but did it have to take almost one month to happen and much aggravation?

    Then Erwin gave me note of my new key and told me to store it.

    Erwin said that the error message coming up was a technical problem and not an authentic or counterfeit problem. There is nothing wrong with my DVD and it was not counterfeit and customer support on Thursday 19 July should not have told me to file a counterfeit report and send back the original media DVD. They should have transferred and referred me to technical to fix the error message and issue a new key.

    Today, 24 July, finally Erwin in technical department fixed the problem and issued new key which is what they should have done 2 weeks ago without all this terrible run around and terrible customer support because of original problem putting a non-Authentic error message on my PC, again I state through the fault of Microsoft.

    So because of the mix up by Microsoft, Erwin put in my case file notes today (24/07/12) and told me to call customer support (again), ask for Stores to tell them to read his notes in my case file where he explains what the problem was and especially where he mentions I am out of a product, namely the back-up media DVD which should not have been requested my Microsoft from me to mail back to Microsoft's PID Centre in Ireland. I was worried at first because Erwin mentioned calling your Customer Support 0844 number and know how useless your Support team were in the past and the aggravation they caused me already by doing absolutely nothing to help or support me, and even prolonged the situation, but Erwin reassured me all was on file and that they would issue me a replacement media DVD. It was 5 pm my time when he asked me to do this (approximately).

    I spent the next hour again getting run around from your UK 0844 customer support team finally telling me to call Ireland 'myself' and to chase up my DVD with Microsoft in Ireland. Unbelievable.  I told the customer service support rep that the DVD now is in the vortex of Microsoft Ireland. Can you believe it that your team in Support want me to chase up your own error? Also, I told the support agent that Ireland would be shut as they are an hour ahead of us and he said no that should be there. Again he was passing me off as quickly as he could get off the phone with me.

    Finally, after calling Ireland – I was right all offices shut tight and security Ireland who answers the phone off hours advised me to call back again tomorrow.

    24/07/12 - now deciding it was not my problem to chase up my DVD after all it was UK Microsoft who erroneously asked me to fill out wrong report. Erwin advised me Microsoft customer support should rectify their own problem and not me the customer, so I called Customer Support UK again left my tale with another office at the 0844 number who took notes and gave me a file no but said her department was not the really right department (???) So as it call took almost an hour and it was after 6, now UK time, UK Support office was closed and I was redirected to USA customer support who said it was not their problem - call back Microsoft UK. Sounds familiar???

    So now it is evening of 24 July and I have not walked my dog so I could spend almost a whole other day of your error and nothing resolved. You have my product illegally. You owe me a Microsoft Professional 32 bit Upgrade. I am asked to follow up on 25<sup>th</sup> July. I have spent 2 hours typing my take which eventually will go in a complaint to Microsoft and in a claim against Microsoft and in an affidavit for court filing.

    What a run around you have caused as I have spent, from 9 July 12 to today, 24 July 12, in particular today all day on line and on the phone at my own expense and still no product DVD promised to be returned to us.

    This is after numerous separate calls to your UK 0844 800 2400 at our own expense as we pay for BT calls to 0844 numbers. There are no 0800 numbers to Microsoft here for customer service. Not to mention the overnight courier to file to Counterfeit Software Report to Ireland which I should not have been advised by your Assurance Team to file. Not to mention the cost of the DVD media you are illegally holding and not returning to me or a replacement DVD. Last checked, you are one of the largest corporations on this planet and employ who knows how many persons. Yet, I can get better customer service from much less significant and smaller companies, many of which provide excellent customer support but which make a lot less money than Microsoft. 

    I think you get my drift.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012 8:17 PM