500 GB IOMega network drive not showing in WHS. RRS feed

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  • Hello, I have recently set-up my WHS and things are going well so far. My question is, I have a IOMega 500GB external HD on my network. It has it's own IP address, etc. All the laptops & PC's on my network can see it & read/write files to it. But WHS does not know it's there. When I do remote access, the drive isn't there, and the drive doesn't show up in shared resources, etc.
    I'm hoping I don't have to format it to add it to my WHS network. But what can I do to get WHS to add it as available for storage, etc.
    Thanks for any assistance.
    Friday, February 6, 2009 6:38 PM


  • Hi,
    Windows Home Server supports only locally attached drives as storage and backup drives. Either built in, or attached via  USB (sometimes unreliable) or e-SATA.
    Network Attached Storage is not supported, since Windows Home Server would not be able to take full control (NAS devices have an own operating system, usually Linux based).
    The only (unsupported) usage you could gain would to create scripts to backup certain data (i.e. data from shared folders, backup database) to this device.
    Best greetings from Germany
    Friday, February 6, 2009 6:56 PM