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    The Windows 7 Home Premium on my Dell laptop is badly corrupted, and I have been advised to reinstall Windows 7.  I have a reinstallation DVD and a drivers DVD, so no problem there.

    I have removed the laptop hard drive and connected it (via a sata enclosure) to  my destop PC which runs on Windows XP. I also have an external LaCie hard drive connected to my PC.

    I want to transfer (copy) all the data files on the enclosure hard drive either to my PC, or to the external hard drive.  My problem is how to separate the data files on the laptop hard drive (e.g. photos, documents etc) from the programs that they are contained within?

    Finally, after the laptop hard drive has had a clean windows reinstall with reinstalled drivers and programs I will then copy the data back.

    Sunday, March 18, 2012 4:02 PM