Replying to Someone That Replied to My Initial Question?!?!? RRS feed

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  • Well I used the Procuct Forum sit for the first time today. I got a reply. But when I attempt to reply, I am directed to the initial registering page where you have to submit a username. I am not allowed to reply to my replies received.

    Please can you explain how to continue a conversation, as it were. I can understand that I may have resign back in if not active for a while, but not to re-register, which it doesnt allow you to do anyway as your user name is already you.

    Many thanks.


    Friday, July 23, 2010 4:03 PM


  • Have you tried ensuring you are signed in to begin with? That might help. Click the "Sign In' Link in the upper right of the screen, before you do anything. Once you are signed in, let me know if you continue to have this problem. The behavior you are describing sounds like you have never really created a profile, something the forums application requires.  Maybe try creating a new profile with a different display name if the one you are trying to use is already taken. Some users log in with a live id but try to set a display name another user has, or use a display name they used in the past associated to a different live id, which they have forgotten and no longer use. In these cases, it is usually easiest to just create a profile with a new display name.
    Community Forums Program Manager
    Monday, July 26, 2010 5:13 PM